Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Fun and The Amazon

There may be many things that attract a traveler to the Amazon Rain Forest and River. It could be that it comes in second only to the Nile River in length, or its variety and abundance of wildlife -- both within the river and throughout the rain forest. No matter the allure, travelers will not be disappointed. A great location for any traveler, especially family vacationers, the Amazon naturally offers a two-for-one adventure. The rain forest covers some 2.5 million miles and represents more than half of the total rain forests on the earth. Impressive attractions travelers can enjoy all at once.

Typical travelers of this location cannot be narrowed down to a specific persona. Many travelers want to personally experience the famous Amazon - one of nature's many wonders (also the topic of many nature broadcasts and travel channels). Other travelers have a thirst to experience life from a different perspective and want to understand cultures very different from their own. Travelers seeking adventure are a mainstay and in recent years the number of luxury travelers has increased. Tour operators, hotel and resort owners, and boutique cruise companies all anxiously prepare themselves to serve the needs of the many visitors that find themselves here. 

The Amazon Rain Forest is nothing short of amazing. Nicknamed the "Lungs of the Planet" as it produces a fifth of the world's oxygen, it is also the native roots of the famed toucan bird. While it is known to be the an abundant producer of natural life, it is also the source of many scientific studies for cancer and pharmaceutical remedies. Over 70% of plants with anticancer properties are found here. There are so many benefits the Amazon Rain Forest provides all of mankind, not just those looking for an unforgettable time.

Before visiting the Amazon, here are a few facts a savvy traveler would find interesting:
  1. It is the world's second longest river, some even argue that it may be the longest 
  2. The Mouth of the river or Delta is located in North eastern Brazil, originating from the Atlantic ocean 
  3. It alone can produce up to 20% of the amount of water that the rest of the world's rivers pour into the oceans 
  4. This river pours into smaller rivers in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil 
  5. The rain forest is home to over 3,000 edible fruits 
  6. Amazon natives are comprised of 215 ethnicities which speak 170 different languages 
The abundance of wildlife and beautiful terrain make this a perfect family vacation. Some estimates put the number of new species in this area at 20,000 while others say it is innumerable -- new species are always being found. From the flooding of this mighty river to the large stingrays that call it home, facts about the Amazon river are constantly growing as new discoveries are made. Cruising is a great option for a destination like this because of the type of location it is and a cruises ability to provide all the comforts of home -with the backdrop of the almighty Amazon. It also allows the traveler a true experience where the subject of travel is also a temporary home.

Travelers may enjoy the Amazon in many ways, including boutique cruises or chartering a group of 6 or more. There is no shortage of activities available to travelers and we encourage them to take advantage of our custom-made itineraries by contacting us.
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