Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are You Active? Reasons Why You’ll Love Cruising With Us

Being an active person doesn’t mean cruises aren’t for you. Yes, you are on a boat, going from destination to destination, however at WLCVacations, we have created active cruising itineraries that are available in Europe. We offer the Magna Carta in England, the Scottish Highlander in Scotland, and the Shannon Princess in Ireland. Cruises don’t just mean being on a boat the whole time anymore. We are excited to provide our active passengers with walking, bicycling, tennis and golf adventures. We are excited to offer activities that allow for a totally unique cruising experience. You will have the chance to walk paths along waterways, discover nature trails in some of the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom, and, you will have the opportunity to play golf at historical courses.

Where traditional cruises have been geared towards a more relaxing vacation experience, we strived to offer our clientele something unique. Part of traveling is experiencing the culture, the people and the scenery. We love that we are able to offer our guests the option to relax on the ship, or ride bikes through the countryside- we want our active guests to have the opportunity to be on vacation without having to sacrifice their need to stay active. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced and will make sure your activities are tailored specifically to your skill level, your interests, and suggest the best activities for each season. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best, because we believe our passengers deserve to have the ultimate experience while on board with us. Like all of our other cruises, we tailor your cruise experience to your exact desires- our goal is to give you the most personalized vacation.

Whether you’ve dreamed of playing tennis in a private club in England, cycling through the Irish countryside, walking along the waterways of Scotland, or golfing at historic courses also in Scotland- we can provide you with the outdoor experience you crave. We look forward to scheduling the activities you are passionate about- traveling should be fun, and we are here to help you make the most of it. To learn more, go to our website, or call U.S. toll-free (877) 579-7447.

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