Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spotlight: River Ambassador- Grand European Highlights

Cruise through the nations that the Habsburg Empire, from Strasbourg all the way to Belgrade, seeing imperial palaces, medieval villages and Baroque abbeys. Cruising though three great rivers, you will float through the history of Europe, from the Middle Ages to the vibrant present, as you sail through six nations— Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. In these countries, you will be able to visit the capital cities and experience the history and culture of each- as well as the unique regional cuisine. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage-designed Wachu Valley, the imposing 900-year-old Baroque Melk Abbey, and Passau, with its Italian-Baroque flair.

Guests will also be able to step into the Middle Ages and the beautifully preserved Rothenburg, enjoy a canal cruise through Strasbourg with its half-timbered houses and quaint waterways, and see Bratislava, where 19 Hungarian rulers were crowned. And lets not forget the majestic Budapest, overrun by conquerors through the centuries to emerge triumphantly vibrant in the 21st century. In Belgrade, guests will be able to discover the remarkable fusion of Habsburg, Balkan and Communist influences- all completely unique and yet melded to make the city amazing.

This cruise is ideal for scenic sailing with a relaxed pace, with plenty of time to enjoy the ship, as well as getting out and exploring the countryside and cities. Guests will also be able to experience the smaller villages, really getting a feel for each new destination. The River Ambassador is quite with understated elegance, the perfect place to capture the sights, nature, and culture from the ship. Built in 1993 and refurbished in 2011, River Ambassador is one of the finest vessels cruising the Rhine. The comfortable size provides guests with plenty of space to relax upon the European waterways.

If you are a traveller interested in adventures, the crew will provide you with a multitude of activities to take part in on land. If you prefer to stay on board and enjoy the scenery, the comfortable decks are the perfect place to soak up the sun and sights. This cruise is also perfect for the guest who prefers no hassle when travelling. Multiple country stops allows guests to experience a myriad of cultures while never having to unpack and repack. Once you unpack, the River Ambassador does all the work for you, we only ask that you enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.

If you would like more information about the River Ambassador, please visit the website here, we look forward to showing you the beauty and history of Europe!

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