Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Machu Picchu- Is It Closing?

There have been rumors for a while about the closure of Machu Picchu. There have been rumors that it will be shut down for a couple years, and all the way up to fifty years. While there seems to be no definitive answer about whether it will actually close, there is only one confirmed closure every year. That closure is during the month of February, when the government closes the Inca trail to trim back vegetation as well as make various repairs.

One of the many reasons Machu Picchu is so popular is because of the Incan people. In less than a century, the Inca Empire reached a size similar to the Roman Empire, with access to a huge manpower that built a spanning network to unify the territory. The famous Inca Trail linking the sacred valley of Cusco to Machu Picchu, is only a small part of the giant tangential and road network that was, it is also the most famous. This trail is where adventurous tourists can walk over 26 kilometers for 4 days to enjoy dramatic wildlife and enter the sanctuary through the Sun Gate.

The rumors surrounded Machu Picchu closing seem to flower and fade throughout the year, all of them so far spurious and ultimately fruitless. Where these rumors come from is anyone’s guess, but they might tie-in with the Inca Trail closure in February, as well as frequently voiced concerns regarding erosion of the site and how to best protect it for future generations.

Is it actually likely to close in the future though? No one really knows at this point. Certain events can force temporary closure, such as in late-January 2010 when torrential rains damaged the local train and road infrastructure and left tourists stranded. During that closure (which was through April 1, 2010), there was a loss of revenue for the Peruvian government of totaling $185 million according to Martin Perez, Peru’s Tourism Minister. Peruvian authorities at this point are very wary to close it because of the loss of revenue that will incur.

One thing is for sure though, if Machu Picchu does close, it will be HUGE news. It won’t be rumors swirling around the Internet and blogosphere; it will be front-page news worldwide. As of right now, Machu Picchu is open to the public every day of the year from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm (or thereabouts). The only thing to watch for when booking your trip is the weather, as weather conditions can prevent/inhibit you from seeing Machu Picchu in all its glory.

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