Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spotlight: CroisiEurope- Rhine 4-7 Nights Cruise on the River Rhine

The Rhine, a historic river, and the first to witness the construction of the current European Union. It rises in the Alps, in the Grisons in Switzerland, and meets in the North Sea in Holland (the Netherlands), where it welcomes the waters of the Meuse before fragmenting into several branches. The river, which forms the border between Switzerland and Austria; between Switzerland and Germany; and between France and Germany- where, for 180 km of its length, it is Alsatian. It also divides the Vosges and the Black Forest between Basel and Mainz. Its course then turns towards Luxembourg and the Netherlands where it becomes broad and powerful- overall, the Rhine in Europe covers much of the western area, making it an idea cruising river to see Europe.

Guests will board the CroisiEuope, a French family-owned business that is one of the longest established river cruise companies in France. Carefully maintained and partially renovated each year, the CroisiEurope fleet is largely made up of recently built vessels, less than five years old, all with Veritas certification. The leading European river tour operator, CroisiEurope Company owes its international reputation to its seriousness, its dynamism, its sense of innovation and its recognized value for money and long standing. On board, guests will find all the amenities and comfort, which guarantee the quality and seriousness of the CroisiEurope fleet.

The Rhine is truly one of the greatest ways to see Europe, it is the busiest river in Europe and doubtless the most modern. The waters of the Rhine are so clear that salmon, which had disappeared for a time, have returned to the river. The river itself created a wonderful juxtaposition of new and old. Guests will have the option of staying on board and enjoying the river from the decks of our vessel, or for the more adventurous, we set up land tours that will allow guests to really get a feel for what the region is and how the history has shaped the area. We highly recommend this tour for everyone from seasoned travellers, to the novice. It is truly one that should not be missed!

If you would like to read more about this particular cruise, visit the WLCVacations website here:, or call U.S. toll-free 877-579-7447.

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